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They say Bethany Hamilton has salt water in her veins. How else could one explain the passion that drives her to surf? Or that nothing—not even the loss of her arm—could come between her and the waves?

Ask Bethany: FAQs: Surfing, Faith and Friends (Soul Surfer Series)

Competitive teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack and defied the odds to become a champion again, has inspired millions with her story. In this devotional, Bethany shares stories of women to admire, prayers to focus on, and wipeouts to avoid.

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Her story has been told in dozens of newspapers, magazines, news shows, and talk shows. Bethany has chosen to use her experience to become an inspiration and help others to overcome adversity, no matter how great.

Body & Soul

I guess they see me as a symbol of courage and inspiration. How else could one explain the tremendous passion that drives her to surf? How else could one explain that nothing -- not even the loss of her arm in a horrific shark attack -- could come between her and the waves?

That Halloween morning in Kauai, Hawaii -- a glorious part of the world, where it's hard to deny the divine -- Bethany responded to the shark's stealth attack with the calm of a girl with God on her side. Pushing pain and panic aside, she immediately began to paddle with one arm, focusing on a single thought: "Get to the beach It's the kind of coincidence that isn't mere coincidence to the Hamilton family, a clan whose motto could easily be "the family that surfs and prays together stays together.

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When the first thing Bethany wanted to know after surgery was "When can I surf again? Soul Surfer is a moving account of Bethany's life as a young surfer, her recovery in the wake of the shark attack, the adjustments she's made to her unique surfing style, her unprecedented bid for a top showing in the World Surfing Championships, and, most fundamentally, her belief in God.

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  • It is a story of girl power and spiritual grit that shows that the body is no more essential to surfing -- perhaps even less so -- than the soul. Bethany Hamilton has become a fitness expert by virtue of being a professional athlete who has excelled—and she's done it while overcoming incredible challenges.

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    • Whether you know Bethany or not, whether you surf or not, everyone has challenges, and in Surfer Style, Bethany shares some of her core experiences with body, mind and spirit. Sharing her expertise as an athlete, New You helps young girls develop a healthy lifestyle, understand their changing bodies, gain confidence, and establish a pattern of healthy living starting at a young age.

      Soul Surfer Devotions.