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Your sad now, but not half as sad as you would be if he starts going out win someone else and your left wishing you had at least tried!!

falling for the boss

Finally, there is a happy ending, I've just started to date a girl from work, and it's going great. Why does it have to go anywhere for the time being? Normally I would be the first to say go for it but I would feel extremely uneasy having a romantic relationship with my boss for all sorts of reasons. I agree with the poster who is a boss that he cannot make the move, also he may fear of being done for sexual harrassment so there is that added fear.

Op if you are really beginning to fall for your boss would you consider seeking another job I know its hard during these times and then asking him out. I say this because lets say you work up the courage to ask him out and he says yes and you are like yey and you both start dating. There might be jealousy or uneasiness amongst your co-workers, you might flub up in the job and he has to reprimand you how will you deal with that , god forbid the company is doing badly and he has to make you redundant, or you want a pay rise and he can't give you one, or he gives you a rise and others get jealous because you have a relationship with him.

What if you both argue and have to come into work and act as normal and horror of horrors in my opinion The thing is Op I am somewhat projecting all my fears in the above, you may be able to handle things better than I could in the above, but I do think they are worth considering. Get to know him better, if he really is that great and someone you can connect with, find another job, tell him why the most perfect way in and then hopefully he will say yes and then you could have a good future but be in separate jobs.

He is so intelligent - actually i sometimes feel stupid around him! Sorry if this is harsh OP but you're old enough to know better than some of the stuff you've said on here.

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You've fancied him for the 2 years since he was on your team but he's only recently become your boss. Why on earth did you not make a move on him in the 18?? You made no effort to get to know and neither did he this bloke you fancied for a considerable length of time. Why has it only come to a head now that he is your boss? I would agree with miec that there are some serious issues around dating your immediate superior in work.

I'm not suggesting it is completely unworkable but I'd have a long hard think about the repercussions of potentially dating him. You have good chats and he laughs at your jokes and you think he's intelligent. That's all well and good.

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It doesn't describe anything out of the ordinary though. I could say the same thing about numerous people I know both male and female. As for him not being able to hold down a girlfriend because of this hobby you won't mention. First off you've no idea if it's true. Next you need to slow down with your 'if you love someone enough and they love you' etc You've skipped a long, long, long way ahead of yourself there.

Even if you did go out on a date or two love and understanding are a long way down the track. You're right its I'd forget about the dropping hints thing too. First off it doesn't change the fact he's the boss and not really in a position to do anything about it regardless. Secondly you're not a kid anymore. If you really have something that it's that important for you to say then spit it out.

If you really feel that strongly then just get him on his own and ask him out. Without wanting to sound cruel, though, it sounds like you've just got hung up on the first guy who has paid you a bit of attention. I'm a firm believer that if you don't do something you'll regret not knowing what might have been.

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  5. I understand that you're worried about rejection, we all are really. My advice is this: next time you're with him in his office or whatever, out of earshot of anyone else, perhaps talking and having a laugh, just seize the moment. Say "Bill or whatever , I'm sorry if I'm speaking out of turn here, but we do seem to get on very well, could we go for a drink sometime? Once you get past the trauma of getting around to saying that, the words will spill out and you'll think that it was easier than you thought! Be ready, however, on the offchance that he doesn't respond positively, to just say "Oh ok, forget I said it, you get nothing without asking"!

    With a big smile on your face - make a joke out of it, that'll dissolve any discomfort. If he's a decent chap he'll either say "sure I'd love to" or he'll say "Its lovely of you to ask, but I just see us as mates". I tell you, us blokes get asked out so rarely its brilliant when we do! Good luck! I think you have to get over this fear of rejection.

    I think a lot of girls rely on the age old mentality of the guy is the one who does the asking and that way they can sort of justify their fear of rejection and justify not making a move. I agree with a previous poster in that I think this guy will probably never make a move because he is your boss. We don't know the rules in his company about these things, but even if it's not banned, it still could be heavily frowned upon so I'm not surprised he hasn't made a move. There are a lot of politics in most work places. As a guy myself, I don't really spend a lot of time chatting to girls I'm not interested in.

    I can't speak for every guy, but that is just me.

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    If I like a girl, I will be in touch a lot, but if I'm not interested then I will sort of make small talk and be polite but that is as far as it goes. So my guess is that if he's spending a lot of time talking to you and it's not work related, then he may be interested. The thing you have to think about is, what will happen if you make a move and he is either uninterested or it doesn't work out? Will that make the work environment unbearable? The only reason I'm saying that is for you to try and cover your bases and at least have an idea of what you will do if things don't work.

    Would you have to switch teams or even leave?

    Does the company allow such relationships between people in such a situation? The way I see it, you have to either make a move or just leave it. He probably can't make a move on you now as he's your boss and I'd say it's almost a little unfair of you to expect him to do so.

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    Finding out she has a fiancee puts her out of his grasp and he relents, allowing her to join his team. Victoria Anderson's life was predictable, stable She wants just one last adventure before she settles down with her fiancee. What she doesn't anticipate is the need that Thomas evokes within her, causing a yearning she's never experienced before, never even knew could exist. The only problem? Victoria realizes that she's "The Other Woman".

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    Trying to do the right thing and stay out of the picture nearly destroys her, but she can't share Thomas with someone else. Although Elizabeth Lennox wanted to be a romance novelist since the eighth grade, that dream only became a paid reality for her in and a full time job in ! Along the way, she received a BS in History and held different jobs in the real estate, government consulting, and financial industries.